The Fridge
'Draw The Plot'

1. Face Down
2. Command Me To Stay
3. Common Landslide
4. Kiddo
5. Brother
6. Pilot
7. Sandcastle
8. A Foul Taste In My Mouth (To JD)
9. The Drawer
10. More Than This
11. Mark These Words

Production: James Gruntz / Christian Müller
Instruments recorded by James Gruntz at hearthrecordings, Zürich
Vocals recorded by James Gruntz at Studio Uno, Dresden
Solo Guitar on "More Than This" recorded by Eliyah Reichen
Editing / Mixing: James Gruntz at the HEARTH, Basel
Mastering: Dan Suter / Echochamber, Zürich

"Pen Blow 68" taken from the Ball Point Pen Paintings Series by Shane McAdams, Brooklyn NY